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We all need moments to unplug and recharge.  Let me guide you through unforgettable Utah Hiking & Recreational Experiences that are sure to stimulate the senses and rekindle connections with yourself and the great outdoors.  These experiences are much more than just hiking.  We will explore our own inner thoughts and ideas, commune as friends, cooperate and support each other in our shared experiences and hopefully leave with a new sense of purpose and understanding both of ourselves and others.  Join me on an adventure of a lifetime that may forever change your life.


Professional Guide

Beautiful Trails

Lifelong Memories

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


Making the most of every moment and savoring the gifts nature provides is our motto.  Every experience is unique and special in it's own time and comes breath by breath.  No need to rush or force something to happen...simply relax and savor the blessings as they come...this is the savory way!  We do not hike fast and furious.  We hike slowly and deliberately as to bask in the magic of the trees, water, flowers, and wild life.  Nothing heals the soul like being one with breath at a time.


I always talk about how life is like a hike.  You can stay at the bottom of the hill and enjoy it immensely with no shame or you can push yourself beyond what you think you're capable of doing and move up the hill to see and experience even more beauty the higher you go.  You have to put in the work to see and experience the thrills and magic the hills have to offer!  Just like have to put in the work. It just takes one more step and one more breath to reach deeper and I will compassionately guide you to higher peaks.


Hiking with Brandi was absolutely spectacular.  As a novice, I was very nervous but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed during hikes that would have typically overwhelmed and intimidated me.  Brandi was very patient with me and let me rest often which was important to me.  She even participated in anything extra I wanted to do like beach prayers and rock collecting.  By the end of my experience with her, I felt empowered and reconnected to myself;  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I'll only hike with Brandi!  Thank you for quite a magical experience.  Jill

One of my passions is deep woods hiking and in 2021 I did a deep woods hiking trip with Brandi in the beautiful mountains of Utah.  Brandi led me to places I had never dreamt I'd go.  Places I'd only seen in pictures.  My view of life was forever changed.  I left with a new perspective, an understanding that only comes with  making the (seemingly) impossible possible.  I really had to work to get up the mountains.  Thanks to Brandi's expertise, I was challenged, but not pushed...inspired, yet stayed grounded.  Ultimately, I was completely reinvigorated, body, mind, and soul.  Now I know I CAN do what seems impossible, and that has influenced every part of my life.  Sarita

My week with Savory Hiking was one for the books!  It was my first trip to Utah and the view was absolutely incredible!  The food was delicious!  I was treated with the most absolute hospitality I could have ever imagined!  Brandi was an amazing tour guide, and she knew all of the best places to go!  I was hoping to see moose and I got to see three!  She took me snowshoeing...which is something I can cross of my bucket list...where no one had been because she knew the moose would most likely be there and sure enough they were!  I will be planning another trip with her in the near future for sure!  Pete

My partner and I had the amazing opportunity to be guests at Savory Hiking during the winter and it was amazing.  Their home is warm and welcoming and Brandi thinks of everything from cotton balls to hair conditioners.  Every wall is adorned with Brandi’s fantastic travel photos and moose photos as well which provides some interesting conversation.  We did a week long build your own experience and Brandi certainly knows her way around the area and the best times to go for your optimal experience.  We skied, attended The Sundance Film Festival, experienced wonderful meals in Park City and Brandi curated the experiences we wanted.  I wanted to see a moose while in Utah and she made it her mission to find one…and we did!  It was a heart pounding moment for sure!  I highly recommend spending time with Savory Hiking!  You will never regret it!  PS the CHIP cookies in Park City are a must have.  Melissa 




Please share your #savoryhiking moments with us! We love hearing from our guests.  We hope to see you again soon!

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