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Record Breaking SnowFall

The 2022/2023 winter season has brought more than 500 inches of snow and has officially surpassed the record for highest snowfall total in the 49-year history of record keeping. We are still snowshoeing Mid-April and it's been amazing. Moving forward we are now seeing the expected flooding issues and concerns but, we are hopeful that mother nature will be gentle. What I love about April and May, which is affectionately called mud season, is the hunt for elk sheds. Elk bulls commonly shed their antlers late March and early April and it is such a thrill to actually find an elk shed pair! If you'd like to participate in such an experience, the second week of April is your best opportunity. Reach out if you'd like to schedule a tour. Unfortunately, this year we have to postpone shed hunting experiences due to the harsh winter and snowfall amounts.


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