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Hiking Moments

Many Moose Encounters

Most of my hiking groups have also been blessed with moose encounters during their time with Savory Hiking and I hope this for you as well. I have a kindship with Moose and always seem to find them.  We are mindfully respectful of these majestic beauties and take proper precautions when interacting.


The Homestead Crater

The Homestead Crater is the only warm body of water that can be scuba dived all year.  The mineral rich spring water is so nourishing to the soul and the body.  Located underground this is a treat to soak in.


The Reservoirs

Many reservoirs are located around us.  These very important water collection lakes are crucial to the water supply of many states.  Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Lake Reservoir are two we visit.

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Seasonal Opportunities

Savory Hiking is expanding to offer experiences in the Fall and also Winter seasons.  The fall colors are amazing and abundant.  Winter hiking is also a special, surreal experience.  We use spikes and/or snowshoes to trek on our hikes.  Contact us if you'd like to book seasonal hiking experiences.


The Waterfalls

Many waterfalls can be visited depending on ability and they are all so beautiful.  Bridal Veil Falls, Stewart Falls, Mount Timpanogos Falls, Donut Falls, and Gloria Falls are just a few we can visit.


The Lakes.

So many amazing lakes surround our hiking sites.  We visit many and sit and contemplate things while basking in their tranquility and serene energy.  

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