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Savory Hiking Adventures is all about rekindling a love for the outdoors while simultaneously rediscovering your own unique place in the world .  Each tour is expertly tailored to stimulate the senses and recharge the spirit while spending time out in nature exploring the magic waiting to be discovered in each moment.  If you feel the pull of the trees, the energy of the forest, and the call of the wild , then this my friend may be what you're searching for.  Come explore with us and see what adventures unfold in each breath.



As the creator of Savory Hiking, I want to share my many lessons learned from immersing myself in nature.  I am dedicated to living my life fully as an example of all that is possible with the practice of The Secrets Nature Wants Us To Know! 

A fascinating lifetime of experiences has influenced the many facets of me;  Mind, Body & Spirit.  In spending time with me, I hope that you learn to embrace each day as an adventure waiting to be discovered.  I've been around the globe exploring and discovering the magic inherent in each moment and want to share my love of the great outdoors with others who feel a desire to experience more out of life.  In my humble opinion, nothing nourishes the soul more than being outside experiencing nature in it's purest form and drawing energy and vitality from the interactions with trees, flowers, and of course THE MOOSE!  Yes I do consider myself a "moose whisperer" and I have been blessed with many face to face encounters with these majestic beauties.  It is my hope that with your participation in one of my hiking adventures you too will fall in love with all that Utah has to offer. I hope you will learn skills to tap into your own power and learn to embrace the unique aspects of yourself that make you...YOU.  I also hope you have an experience you'll never forget.


As a professional yoga and Ayurveda teacher and mentor, I empower students with transformative knowledge and practices that nurture both inner energy and outer strength.  With over 25 years of experience as a dedicated student of world-renowned masters, I've cultivated a profound practice which supports my life of thrive both professionally and personally. My goal is to help others as they seek a deeper, more meaningful life experience while cultivating abundance along the way.  I am thrilled about embarking on this exciting new journey with Savory Hiking to further guide and inspire each participant to discover the magic of nature through unforgettable Utah hiking adventures.  When not in Utah, I work within a collaborative group of wellness professionals at the Nest Collaborative in West Reading, PA, where I lead efforts to innovate and support businesses to thrive in a shared space.



Our home is where you'll stay to experience your Utah Adventures.  Our base is in Heber City, Utah and from here we venture out daily to hike, play, and savor the many sights, sounds, tastes, and fun surrounding our community.  In addition to hiking, we may soak in the Homestead Crater, jet ski, boat, relax at the Deer Creek Reservoir, listen to live music, enjoy the farmers market, visit Main Street Park City, and a plethora of other things to do all within 20 minutes driving time.  Depending on the experience you select, many of your needs are part of the package.  Please be sure to read and understand all that your selected package includes.

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